Friday, November 5, 2010

Vintage Love by Holly Spring Designs!!

This kit offers a wonderful break from the winter and holiday kits!  Holly has created an amazing and fantastical grouping of elemements that are beautifully delicate.  Her paper work is amazing!!  Her elements also come shadowed, and while I'm not typically a fan of shadowed elements, these are shadowed perfectly!!  This beautiful kit is available HERE  and there's also a QP package created from her amazing team and available HERE
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Paradise Tea by Starlight Designs!!

Ohhh, scrappers!  I haven't been scrapping lately, actually it's been around a month.  Sometimes life gets in the way of scrapping, unfortunately.  But Ivonka with Starlight Designs had created this kit; and I couldn't refuse.  This kit is absolutely beautiful, and I don't think I did it justice with this LO; and I know you can create something soooooooooo much beautiful with this kit!!  The color pallette is beige and the softest pinks and roses.  It's packed with lots of amazing goodies, as Ivonka does with all of her kits.  It's available HERE  And visit Ivonka's blog to see the amazing creations from her amazing team, HERE!!!  Such inspiration!!
RAK for Henulka!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Big Bags Kit by Shayarka Designs!!!

This kit is AMAZING with 9 papers and OVER 60, hand-painted elements!!  As you know, Shayarka hand paints every single pixel in her amazing kits, and this one is pixel perfect!  So perfect and wonderful to work with, you can easily just take one of her papers, include your subject and be done!! BUT, you won't want to do that because of all the gorgeous elements contained within this beautiful body of work and talent.  And the colors!!!  Her blues and reds pop!!!  There's such vibrance yet subltety in the color pallete - you'll want to create several layouts and you can; because many themes are possible.  This is a keeper and a must have!

This is Shayarka's first kit premiering at 9th and Bloom HERE.  So hurry on over because it's ON SALE as are all of her products - 20% off!!!!  So hurry on over to 9th and Bloom!! You are going to be in scrapper's heaven with this beauty!  And you have to see what her amazing team created HERE at Shayarka's blog :)
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GSO:  Thank you Yelina!!! 
You added a huge smile to my day, darlin!!  xoxoxo
RAK for Henulka :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Moment to Treasure!!! Collab kit by sussieM & Em-Ka Designs!

This is a huge and gorgeous kit by two talented designers.  While their work is extraordinary separately, combined they are a design FORCE!!!  sussieM and Em-ka have created a beautiful kit ideally suited for wedding LOs.  The kit contains 8 beautiful papers and over 60 elements and clustered sets!!!  Contained within this kit is everything from beautifully worked sterling silver pieces, ribbons, delicate flowers - a true scrapper's feast!!  It's available HERE!!
My Layout - RAK for Malgosia.
GSO:  Thank you soooooo much, Anndahl!!!  Love you! xoxo
And sussieM has a wonderfully perfect FREEBIE "Day to Remember" for waiting for you HERE
My Layout - RAK for sussieM

Friday, September 24, 2010

Mellow Autumn by Sunny Scrap!!

I love Sunny Scrap's style and am new to her group, since she invited just last week!  The colors in this kit are wonderfully fresh and warm!  The elements are perfectly suited and work beautifully with the papers!  Everything about this kit is like an autumn breeze - wonderful!  When working on this layout, I was sooooo indecisive; because every version I created using the different papers or revising it; I liked more and more!  You will absolutely LOVE this kit and the meticulous workmanship Olga provides!  It's available HERE
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GSO  - Thank you MUMURE :)  Love ya my little French Diva!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

She Like the Wind by Mystique Designs!!!!

Ohhh, here's a beauty for you....And as many of you know, Bry's inspiration for kits comes from songs and videos she watches on You Tube.  (Really, can she be any more adorable!!)  This is her last kit associated with Shabbey Pickle, but I'll keep you posted as to where our little lady is going, but can't tell you now....a bit of secret. 

Anyhoooo, the inspiration for this kit is the song, "She's Like the Wind", and I think it was featured in the movie 'Dirty Dancing'.  The colors in this kit compliment each other beautifully, and I don't know how she colorizes, but I LOVE it!!!  Her pinks/reds have a beautiful rich, bluish hue and using the robust brown, yellow and magenta elements against the papers makes any layout pop!!  She also has some very bright and cheery yellow papers. This kit contains 68 elements and 9 papers!  Her kit is available HERE, and if you swing by her blog HERE, you can enter to win this amazing kit!!!  But hurry, because she'll choose three winners on Friday, 9/18 :)
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GSO by Sunny_S - xoxo Thankyou, sweetie! I'm thrilled!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Autumn Poems by Mystique Designs!!

Autumn Poems by Mystique Designs is one well put together and gorgeous kit!!  The colors work  perferctly against the greys, reds and brown papers.  Bry has created the most eye-popping, rich crimson reds and the browns are soft - a perfect combination, like strawberries dipped in chocolate :) As you unzip the kit with 60 elements and 9 papers, you'll smell autumn in the air - it's just that amazing!!! 

This beauty is available HERE, and don't forget to swing by Bry's blog HERE to see some AMAZING inspirational LOs from the team!  This group is sooooooooooo talented!!  And while you're at her blog, she has a wonderful gift for you to download!!
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GSO by B_Stepien - xoxoxo Thank You, darlin'!
And Fanette Posted this in "Scrap Art Gallery"  Wooo Hooo!!
Thank you soooo much, Fanette!!!  xoxoxo

The Magic of Childhood by Starlight Designs!!

I know I sound redundant, but there's something about Ivonka's paper work that I can't get enough of; and her elements are always sooooooo delicate and pixel perfect.  This kit exemplifies the magic of childhood with varied elements ranging from a wooden bicycle, a bathtub, beautiful ribbons and flowers and soooooooooooo much more!!!  It's available HERE and...........she has something waiting for you on her blog where you may enter to win the kit, too, HERE  So hurry on over and take a look.  And wait till you see the LOs her amazing CT created!!!!  Tons of inspiration from so many talented girls!!
My Layout & GSO by Charito :)  Thanks, sweetie!  xoxo

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Countrylife Kit by Shayarka Designs!!!

Ohhh, do I have a beauty for you today.  As many of you know, the designer Shayarka creates ALL of her designs by hand......and paints them using beautiful vibrant colors.  Quite a talent this lady is.  I've been a fan for a long time and have loved her CT, so I was thrilled beyond belief to be invited as a guest with her and her team.

This is Shayarka's newest kit, and it's perfect for autumn layouts!  Actually, there's soooo much to this kit; it can easily be used for any theme.  All of the elements are perfectly created, artistically painted and the papers are a dream!  The kit is available HERE and will be on sale at 20% off, so run on over and get it - You will absolutely LOVE it!!!  And you can enter to win the kit by providng a theme for Shayarka's next kit HERE

My Layouts and both are RAK for Vivolita
GSO by Dida1357  - Thanks sweetie xoxoxoxo!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Deep In the Forest by Cucciola Designs!!

Ohhh, I cannot tell you how amazing Irina and her kits are, because you probably already know.  I love her work, have always loved her creative word art and her elements never cease to amaze me.  I am thrilled beyond words to be a part of her amazing team.  Now for this piece of gorgeousness that's a must have with 68 amazing elements, one word art and 14 papers that work beautifully with the elements.  I cannot tell you how much I love this kit!!

AND how shocked was I that Fanette posted my layout in Scrap Art Gallery HERE  !!!!!   Thank you, Fanette - You know I was shocked and thrilled!!!!  And GSO, as below!!
My Layout 
 GSO by Parr1983  - You Doll!  Thanks so much, sweetie!!!

Warming the Heart Kit by Holly Spring Designs!!!

Having taken a little time from scrapping for the past month, made me realize just how much I adore my designers and my scrapping friends around the world.  I truly and whole-heartedly missed so many of you.  I received some wonderful emails wondering where I was, so to all of you - thank you soooo much.

And this is the kit that pulled me right back into scrapping!!!  When I saw tthe kit and the pages the girls created - I literally got a warm and fuzzy feeling - honest to God!!!  Holly has created 10 gorgeous and vibrantly colored papers along with 62 really one-of-a-kind elements.  There are tons of possibilities with this kit, and I am in total love with it!!!  It's available at After 5 Designs HERE
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GSO by Shawna :)  Thanks sweetie!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Simply Beautiful by Mystique Designs!!!!

There are no other words for this kit than 'simply beautiful'!  Brydka's paper colorization is amazing.  Her elements are sooooooooo light and perfectly created.  There's so much to this kit - it's a keeper for a very long time :)  And she's now selling at Shabby Pickle so the kit will be 50% off! It's available HERE  And swing by her blog for a little something wonderful HERE

My Layout
A RAK for Natascha's beautiful daughter, Sanne :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sea Dreaming Kit by Holly Spring Designs!!!

This full kit by Holly Spring is a beauty, and it's 20% off during Happy Hour at After Five Designs.  It has 50 unique elements - nonshadowed and realistically shadowed; and the papers are each like a little work of art themselves!!  You also get wordart and an alpha set!!!  The possibilities are endless with this kit!!  It's available HERE
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RAK for Cizzy :)