Friday, October 1, 2010

Big Bags Kit by Shayarka Designs!!!

This kit is AMAZING with 9 papers and OVER 60, hand-painted elements!!  As you know, Shayarka hand paints every single pixel in her amazing kits, and this one is pixel perfect!  So perfect and wonderful to work with, you can easily just take one of her papers, include your subject and be done!! BUT, you won't want to do that because of all the gorgeous elements contained within this beautiful body of work and talent.  And the colors!!!  Her blues and reds pop!!!  There's such vibrance yet subltety in the color pallete - you'll want to create several layouts and you can; because many themes are possible.  This is a keeper and a must have!

This is Shayarka's first kit premiering at 9th and Bloom HERE.  So hurry on over because it's ON SALE as are all of her products - 20% off!!!!  So hurry on over to 9th and Bloom!! You are going to be in scrapper's heaven with this beauty!  And you have to see what her amazing team created HERE at Shayarka's blog :)
My Layout
GSO:  Thank you Yelina!!! 
You added a huge smile to my day, darlin!!  xoxoxo
RAK for Henulka :)

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