Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Beautiful Story!!

This is one of those stories that'll leave you with a big smile, and it involves one of our digiscrap girls.  Many of you know the digiartist, Goldi.  Her digiscrap skills are amazing.  Goldi (Chris) from Germany is also an avid animal enthusiast.  We met through DST, and I adore her.  We share a unique bond - we are both devoted to our rescued animals and they are our 'furmily'. 

A few weeks ago, her six dogs happened upon a very sick goose.  They were very gentle with the goose and alerted Chris.  When Chris saw the poor condition of the goose, she picked him up and brought him on their boat.  (Chris lives on a boat as part of her and husband's job, and they boat up and down the European coast.)  Anywho, she cared for the goose, named him Hans Heidwig, nursed him around the clock and brought him back from certain death.  She has also fallen in love with Hans and he with them :)

Despite the hardship of living on the ship during the week, Chris consistently brings her furmily out to run and play.  Here are some pics of her dogs with their new family member.  Will you look at that family!!  So wonderful!

Six of seven of Chris' pups and their new brother, Hans the goose!!

Chris' older dog, Leon, with his new pal, Hans, out for a swim :)  OMG!!!

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  1. I saw the layout where she told this incredible and so wonderful story, but the photos you show here are simply amazing ... the little dogs with their new " brother " ... such a great lesson of friendship they tell us here !!
    thanks for sharing those photos !! love this !!!!