Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What Dreams May Come by Mystique Designs!!

OMG I love Brydka of Mystique Designs!  Love her, love her kits, love the talent in her group - love everything!!  She puts her heart and soul into her gorgeous kits and seems to be inspired by her many movies, songs, etc.  She has got to be one of the sweetest people, and I am really enjoying getting to know her.  Her color scheme in this, as in all of her kits, is uniquely gorgeous and vivid without being loud.  I would love to post some of the girls layouts here, too.  You won't believe your eyes when you see the layouts - take a peak here at Brydka's blog HERE, and you can purchase this kit HERE.  She also has a blog background freebie on her blog :)
My Layouts


  1. Ohh my...sweetie your pages are absolutly stunning with this kit!!! Can't wait to see your pages from the new one ;)


  2. wow !! how sweet the both pages are with this amazing kit,love above all the second one with the reflections ... you're simply astounding !!