Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Digiscrap Nostalgia!!

How fun is this!!  A digipal, Mini Renne, invited me to play a game.  The object is to find the 'sixth' layout you created, post it on your blog and invite five of your pals to do the same.  Leave a comment for your pal who invited you to play and leave comments on your five chosen pals' blogs.

Sooooooooooooo, here it is...and STOP laughing!!  lol!!  I really, really loved this!!  It's dated December 8, 2008, and the theme was to create a scrap highlighting our favorite Christmas song.  All four of my wonderful pups are around the tree :)  It's just soooooooooooooo tacky :)  lol!!
Memories:  Lisah's Sixth Layout
My five pals are, as follows:

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  1. Oh Lisah, your page is beautiful !!! and your furkids around the Christmas tree are so lovely, really I love this layout ...
    It's quiet funny and interesting to see each one's development ...
    Have a nice day !!