Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blog Award!!

How sweet is my little scrapping pal, Kizzy.  She stopped by to give me this award yesterday :)  Big hugs and a kiss to her.  I have chosen six amazing scrappers/bloggers to give this to.  You're supposed to identify 10 blogs, but I'm not THAT popular :)  I can do 6 -  lol!!
1. Dites «merci» à la personne qui vous a donné ce prix. / Say "thank you" to the person who gave this award to you.
2. Donner un lien vers votre blog à partir de qui vous avez obtenu ce prix. / Give a link to your blog from who you got this award.
3. Place les images de la sentence dans votre blog. / Place the pictures of the award in your blog
4. Donner ce prix à 6 autres blogs. / Give this award to another 6 blogs
5. Ajoutez des liens vers eux. / Add links to them
6. Envoyez vos commentaires sur les candidats à tous les blogs que vous avez choisi. / Send comments about the nominees to all blogs that you chose
I have chosen the following six AMAZING Girls and their beautiful blogs :)


  1. Thank you so much Lisa !! I'm very proud and happy that you thought of me !
    I wish you a nice day,
    Hugs sweetie !

  2. OMG thank you so much Lisa, hugs to you, you gave me wonderful friendship, you aways care about me,

    xox Ola

  3. my nomination for your blog
    hugs Ola

  4. Ohh sweetie thank you soooo much!! I'm very honered that you picked mine too ;)

    Hugs Natascha

  5. Sweetie take a look at my blog, I gave it back to you hehe but you don't have to choose other blogs ;) hihihi

    Hugs Natascha

  6. Lisah, Sweetie, I give it to you because you diserved it.
    You're not only a talented scrapper but also a really nice person and wonderful to know!!
    I'm so happy I found you!!

    Hugs and kisses for you!!!

  7. Congrats sweetie with your award! Hugsss, Marieke